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A Word About Altitude and Climate

Albuquerque, New Mexico, is blessed with mild climate year-round thus making it a year-round destination.

New Mexico with its high desert and low humidity, is considered to be semi-arid. The state averages 310 days of sunshine per year and is blessed with vivid blue skies, distant views, and amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Our programs begin in Albuquerque which has an elevation that is about a mile high (similar to Denver). As the trip progresses, the elevation will climb to about 7,000 feet in Taos.

As weather conditions can change quickly at the higher elevations, temperatures may heat up quickly in the mornings and cool down quickly after sunset, thus we suggest that you pack clothing that can easily be layered.

If you are sensitive to the sun, please note that at higher elevations there is less water vapor in the air to absorb the sun’s rays; thus the sky is bluer; however, there is also 25 percent less protection, thus you may wish to pack sunscreen as well.

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